Parent Testimonial – The Pace Family

My husband and I can’t say enough about Plaza Heights Christian Academy and their amazing staff. This school is a blessing for our son Hayden. He needed a change, a new school and I’m so thankful our family stumbled upon PHCA. We usually don’t share information so personal but to sum up why we set up our tour at PHCA was 1) it was close to home 2) it was affordable and great price compared to other surrounding private schools 3) our son was verbally abused daily throughout his 7th and 8th grade year. This by far was the darkest years of his life, our life and his 2 younger siblings’ lives. I always had doubt this could happen even hearing rumors of kids being destroyed by bullying. Always though is this real? How can 1 be destroyed by bullying in our large public school? Verbally surely not. You truly don’t know it’s real until it happens to your child or one you know. Those boys that bantered him daily made him drop out of sports and activities he loved, practically made him hate himself. All with words and sneaky tricks. He hid it from his father and me. My trying to help the first few times only made it worse for him. No matter the efforts of staff and his father and I, these children continued to constantly ruin his life to the point he wanted to kill himself just to make it stop.

Now at PHCA he is a completely different kid and we have our son back. He has had so many cool experiences and has grown so much, AND the year isn’t even half way over. Cross-Country was amazing, and basketball just got going and it is a blast. These coaches go above and beyond and genuinely care. Academically these teachers give it their all plus teach them morals along the way. They have helped bless our family in so many ways. So thankful we found this diamond in the rough.

It cost to go to a private school and we were scrambling to figure out how we could make this work. Decided let’s go just look. First impression…..perfect fit. After our family toured, they found out we are a single income family, they saw us weighing the decisions and offered to wave application fee. By time Hayden had his interview, they offered to cover part of the tuition, which it ended up they would graciously cover half based on our income of shorting their funds by 3,500 and ……I’m so thankful. Hayden is truly enjoying his Freshman year and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. These teachers, coaches and administration go beyond their pay grade!!

Now at PHCA he is a completely different kid and we have our son back.

Jessica Pace, Mom