Why I love Plaza Heights Christian Academy!

Plaza Heights is a small Christian school in Blue Springs, MO. I love Plaza because I have great friends who are kind, funny, and loyal. I like how we have many athletes at Plaza. I love Plaza because we are loyal to God. I’m a fifth-grade student at Plaza Heights Christian Academy. —Cade

Plaza is a great school. It is a small school, but because it is a small school you have stronger friendships. I even met my best friend here. Another reason is because it is a school that teaches God’s word. Being taught the Bible is like being at a church. —Luke

The reason I love Plaza Heights is because I feel safe. I feel safe because I am surrounded by all these amazing people. My friends, my teachers, my classmates, they are all just wonderful people to be around. Another reason I love Plaza is because this is a very Christian-like place. I even tell my parents sometimes that school fees like my second home because of my classmates and my teachers. My classmates make me feel like they are my siblings, and my teachers are like my parents. And finally, the last reason I love Plaza is because it is easy to become friends with everyone here. I am friends with a lot of people in my class. I made most of my friends when I was in kindergarten and first grade. Everyone at Plaza is very selfless and kind. And I like that about people. Those are the reasons I love Plaza Heights. —Aiden

I love Plaza because I have one of the best teachers and the kids are really nice. I personally would never want to go to a different private school. I like almost all the teachers, and we have a really nice principal. We have really good sports coaches. We have fun Spirit Weeks. We have a Chic-Fil-A breakfast almost every year. I love Plaza because it’s awesome. —Austin

I like Plaza because of my kind friends and the teachers. I also like Spirit Week! My favorite day is Color War Wednesday. I like that we do fun stuff. All of the people are so kind, and everyone cares for each other. Valentine’s Day is fun because we get to make boxes and give stuff to others. —BreAnna

I love Plaza because of the nice teachers and students. My favorite instance of this is when the teenagers come to our classroom. They are very nice to us. The students pray with us and write our prayer requests down. They also offer us advice and play games. I love my school! –Abby

I like Plaza because the people here are kind and loving. The best part is that everyone helps you. I like Spirit Week because there is Mis-Match Day and Throwback Thursday and much more. My friends are super nice and my teacher is kind and sweet. —London

Every day we learn about God and what He has done for us. Also, we have a special class everyday: Music, Art or PE. Every morning, I walk through the door and my teacher will say “Good Morning” to start the day off well. I will walk in the classroom and see all my friends. There is this week that is called Spirit Week where everyday we dress up different. I love Plaza Heights and you can stay until the 12th grade. —Matthew

Every day we learn about God and what He has done for us.

Matthew, PHCA Student