Plaza Heights Christian Academy

PHCA International Students

Plaza Heights Christian Academy welcomes International Students as a part of our family.  We want to share our school community and culture by exploring new customs from a different point of view and develop loving and lasting relationships for our students and host families. 

International Students are:

Responsible, mature students ages 14-18 years old.
Have an F1 or J1 Visa.
Are academically strong students.
Can proficiently communicate in English.
Can financially support themselves while in the United States (i.e: have their own spending money).
Has completed and passed the school’s application process.


What is a Host Family?

Being a host family to an International Student means opening your heart and your home to a student and allowing them to become part of your family for the semester or year!  It means sharing your experiences and every day life with them.  A host family helps an international student adjust to being in American and how to maneuver through the different aspects of American culture, language, and lifestyle.

Prayerfully consider if this is something you and your PHCA student would be interested in!

“Our family has LOVED being a host family! Each one we’ve grown to love and call them our “kids”. We are thrilled for them to experience America all while being exposed to a biblical worldview where God’s love, design and purpose is shared. We treasure the new experiences they have and share with us, along with the  conversations and experiences that we’ve shared together with them.”
                                                                                                                 –Todd DeVaney